Vision, mission & values

Our Vision

Providing an accessible environment to support and encourage students to expand their possibilities is NEC’s core vision. At NEC, we are guided by the principles of creativity, quality, innovation, inclusiveness, and integrity. By providing all our students with world-class resources, collegial environment, and expert faculty, our college imparts excellent educational opportunities and services. NEC envisions becoming a world leader in preparing fine professionals and industry leaders by providing exemplary education and research opportunities. With this, we wish to improve the future careers of each and every individual associated with us.

Our Mission

NEC is driven by the purpose of providing a unique learning environment to its students, faculty, and staff. This enables them to innovate, examine, preserve and spread the knowledge, values and wisdom. We also strive to ensure that our diverse community of students, faculty, and staff have bright career prospects.

To achieve its mission, NEC:

  • Offers broad and balanced professional academic programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and research levels to mutually reinforce high calibre in all its students
  • Works towards the generation of new, updated knowledge through a range of scholarly, research-focused, and creative endeavours that help in laying the foundation to deal with the immediate and long-term needs of society
  • Instills extraordinary leadership qualities in all its students, and pioneers new fields of learning
  • Embodies the ideals of a pluralistic and democratic society in all its policies and educational programs
  • Strengthens cultural understanding among the students by providing various on-campus opportunities
  • Maintains the standards and level of excellence in all the programs that help the students get a state-wide as well as national significance

Our Values

  • Student-centric education: Meeting the community’s and student’s needs by developing a world-class educational environment with cultural values
  • Excellence: Giving special attention towards the standards of integrity and performance to help the institute in leading academic achievements and professional goals
  • Collaboration: Seeking the latest input and working closely with all the industrial sectors and Society for the continuous upgradation of the quality of education
  • Diversity: Creating a favourable on-campus environment in which the goals and learning styles of all students are recognised and nurtured
  • Continuous Development: Encouraging enthusiastic, innovative thinkers and learners to strive for personal growth in the world of inventions and start-ups
  • Technological Advancement: Keeping pace with evolving technology and professional trends to prepare all its students to achieve success in the workplace