NEC Honored To Develop Mobile App For Hill Festival 2019 Kotappakonda

NEC has started the year 2019 with a major accomplishment. The computer science department of the college has successfully developed and launched a Mobile app for the upcoming Hill Festival 2019: Kotappakonda.

The three-day festival starting on January 19 is being organised by Andhra Pradesh state government in an attempt to spread awareness about the environmental issues in Kotappakonda and it’s economic importance among people. The festival would be inaugurated by Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu and Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu would be doing the closing ceremony on 21 January.

App For Hill Festival 2019 Kotappakonda

Clearly, the mega event will draw thousands of people to the place. As a result, to help these people, our college has come up with a Local Guide Mobile App which will provide all the useful information like- event schedules, roadmaps on how to reach Kotappakonda, tourist places in Kotappakonda, cultural activities, etc related to the festival.

Further, as the Hill Festival will proceed, the app will be updated regularly. Live updates will be provided covering details about every event. Also, the app provides brief information on major tourist spots, temples, boat rides and other highlights in Kotappakonda.

The app will be very useful for people coming from outside Kotappakonda. Government officials, media personals, foreign tourists and people from other parts of India coming to enjoy the Hill Festival 2019 can find this app very handy

App For Hill Festival developed by Top Engineering College in AP

The app is available in google play store for free download.  Click here to download the app

More About The App

This app is developed in an android system using Google’s Android Studio. XML and JAVA are used in developing the app and a Web Server is used for storing data which is collecting using the Internet. XML is used to design the layout of the app and Java is used for creating functional purposes. Also, various  libraries are used to make the app user-friendly and responsive.

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