NEC Drone Making Workshop:Why Students Should Learn Drone Technology

In a collaborative effort, the Department of Mechanical Engineering & the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Narasaraopeta Engineering College successfully organized a 3-day workshop on Industrial Drone Making in association with leading drone technological company FOPPLE DRONE TECH PVT.LTD. For this workshop, Mr A Gopi Raja acted as a resource person.

Why Students Should Learn Drone Technology

From school students to industrial hotshots, everybody is into drones, with the Indian Government making it legal to fly unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones in the country. Drone technology is being adopted in several industries like agriculture, e-commerce, and even traffic management.
Cheap, ubiquitous drones have the potential to significantly increase efficiency in several areas.

Drones have become central to the functions of various businesses and governmental organizations over the past few years, and have managed to pierce through areas where certain industries either stagnated or lagged. From fast deliveries at rush hours to the scanning of an unattainable military base, drones prove to be extremely beneficial in places where people can not or can not function properly in a constraint period of time.

Expanding work effectiveness and efficiency, diminishing outstanding task at hand and generation costs, improving precision, refining administration and client relations, and settling security issues on a tremendous scale are a couple of the top uses rambles offer enterprises comprehensively. Reception of automaton innovation across ventures jumped from the craze stage to the super pattern arranged decently fast as an ever-increasing number of organizations began to understand its latent capacity, extension, and size of worldwide reach.

Regardless of whether automatons are constrained by a remote or got to by means of a cell phone application, they have the capacity of arriving at the most remote regions with practically no labor required and require minimal measure of exertion, time, and vitality. This is probably the most compelling motivation why they are being received around the world, particularly by these four divisions: Military, Commercial, Personal, and Future Technology.

Further, as per a study by Association For Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), in the coming decade, thousands of jobs are going to come up in the drone industry.

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