Narasaraopeta Engineering College Helps Students with Industry Training and Industrial Visits

Narasaraopeta Engineering College is leading the race in equipping students with Industry level teaching and practical education. It’s been reported that over 80 % of the engineering graduates in India are industry unfit. And the main reason behind this dire situation is lack of industry exposure in the engineering circular. Students can excel in academics but that doesn’t mean they will do the same when they enter the real corporate world. To come around this problem, NEC Vice Chairman Shri Chakravarthi Mittapalli has induced industry heavy subjects including industrial visits to IT parks, Factories, Governments industries and so forth. Students have been benefiting from these practical exposures as they give a real-time perspective on the world around us. Industry Training Teaches:

  • How things take place in the corporate environment
  • How companies make profit
  • Work-life balance
  • A brief idea of the job role

What is Industrial Training?  

Industrial training is alluded to as a program that offers practical training in a particular industry for a limited period. It is offered by privately owned businesses, companies, and also government institutions. Narasaraopeta Engineering College such tie-ups with such institutions which makes the intake process simple and hassle-free.

Industrial training provides students with significant skills and practical experience and set the stage for them to become a professional engineer. The students gain both theoretical and practical knowledge in new areas of technology. Trainees are taught various functioning within the industry or company. The minimum training period is 4 to 10 weeks. After completion of the program, students go through a training assessment. As per their performance, they get a recognition certificate from the institute and in some cases also stipend. Check out the program conducted by NEC so far here. 

Importance of Industrial Training

  • It helps the student to update his knowledge and master their academic skills. 
  • Exposure to new concepts and technology, which are being used in real-time.
  • The training acts as a comprehensive professional platform for students to improve their employability skills with dynamic corporate exposure.
  • The industrial training program improves students’ awareness in single particular technology.
  • Students obtain hands-on experience on the job role and impending hardships associated with it.
  • Students cultivate leadership ability during the period and take up the responsibility to execute and perform different tasks in a company.
  • It helps in increasing self-confidence and identifying their own proficiency.
  • The students get to test their theoretical knowledge.
  • It provides the students perspective to choose a sound and solid career path after graduation.

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