Narasaraopeta Engineering College celebrated 2019 Freshers day

Narasaraopeta Engineering College celebrated 2019 batch’s Freshers day on a grand scale at the college campus on 19/10/2019. All the first-year students were welcomed and congratulated by their seniors, teachers, and college administration at the event.

NEC Chairman, Sri Mittapalli Venkata Koteswara Rao lectured the students about taking active participation in the society besides academics. 

As vice-chairman, Chakravarthi Mittapalli took charge of the podium he congratulated the students for the excellent choice.

He quoted APJ ABDUL Kalam, ‘Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, and knowledge makes you great.’

Mr. Mittapalli highlighted how NEC has created the conditions where a student can learn the latest advancements in technology, apply their creativity to make things workable for necessities and gain personal and professional knowledge for a bright future.

Quote From vice-chairman’s speech

Life at NEC is much more than academic activities, our humanities department work towards creating positive mindsets, we conduct workshops on professionalism, self-improvement and goal setting.

“We believe that every student has the ability to dream, but not every student has the knowledge, resources and the right mentors to truly chase their dreams. 

And this is what Narasaraopeta Engineering College tries to provide to its student; a platform where you can break out from your limited belief systems and start chasing your dreams!

The college campus was lit up in a festive look following the inauguration speeches. Many students participated in cultural programs. Heads of various departments, teaching and faculty members also graced the event.

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