ME research centre

At our research centre, we engage some of the best minds in our college to conduct research activities on core mechanical engineering subjects. Our research centre provides advanced equipment, from engine test rigs to 3D printers, to help students and faculty perform research in their subjects of interest.

The research centre is handled by experts proficient in the fields of CAD/CAM, machine vision, composites, fluid dynamics, and others.

The facility is bound to transform us into a centre of excellence among colleges in the region and the State.

Our Experts

Faculty NameFields of Expertise
Dr M Sreenivasa KumarCAD/CAM, Machine Vision, Robotics
Dr D Suneel and Dr S B Venkata SivaComposites (both metal and polymer)
Dr D JagadishIC Engines, Biofuels, Fluid Dynamics

Areas of consultancy

1. Testing of IC engines
2. Pollution tests on vehicles
3. Preparation of aluminium based metal matrix composites
4. Physical and mechanical characterisation of composites
5. Wear studies on composites
6. Preparation of nanofluids
7. Preparation of polymer nanocomposites
8. 3D printing


Universal Testing Machine with Computer Interface

Ultrasonic Bath Indicator

Stir-Casting Machine for Making Aluminum Composites

Variable Compression-Ratio Petrol Engine Test Rig

Lathe Tool Dynamometer

Surface Roughness Tester

Tool Maker’s Microscope with Software Attachment

3D Printer

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