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Department of EEE is organizing a 5-Day STC on Electric Vehicle Technology in association with NITTTR-Chandigarh from 26-08-2019 to 30-08-2019.    Vigilance Awareness Week    German Delegates Visit to Narasaraopeta Engineering College    The first Engineering College in the State of Andhra Pradesh recognized & approved as "POLLUTION TESTING CENTER" by RTA, Govt. of AP.


MCA Faculty

1Dr.S.N.Tirumala RaoM.Tech., Ph.D.Professor
2Dr.B.Jhansi VazramM.Tech., Ph.D.Professor
3Dr. M. Chandra NaikPh.D.Professor
4V.Mahesh BabuM.Tech., (Ph.D)Professor
5G.L.N.JayapradhaM.Tech., (Ph.D)Professor
6Dr. K. LakshminadhM.Tech., Ph.D.Assoc. Professor
7Dr. S.Siva Nageswara RaoM.Tech., Ph.D.Assoc. Professor
8T.SurekhaM.Tech.,(Ph.D)Assoc. Professor
9K.Nitalakheswara RaoM.Tech., (Ph.D)Assoc. Professor
10Om Prakash SamantrayM.Tech.,(Ph.D)Assoc. Professor
11M.SireeshaM.Tech.,(Ph.D)Assoc. Professor
12K.GnanendraM.Tech.Assoc. Professor
13K.HajarathaiahM.TechAssoc. Professor
14B.Ramya Asa LathaM.Tech.Assoc. Professor
15M.Syam KumarM.TechAssoc. Professor
16K.Suresh BabuM.TechAssoc. Professor
17P.Anil KumarM.TechAssoc. Professor
18O.GandhiM.Tech., (Ph.D)Asst. Prof.
19N.Brahma NaiduM.TechAsst. Prof
20G.E.SastryM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
21Y.ChandanaM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
22Sd.RizwanaM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
23O.ArunaM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
24Sk.Abdul RasheedM.TechAsst. Prof.
25G.RaphiM.TechAsst. Prof.
26Y.SwathiM.TechAsst. Prof.
27Sk.KarimullaM.TechAsst. Prof.
28N.Kiran BabuM.TechAsst. Prof.
29K.Koteswara RaoM.TechAsst. Prof.
30B.AnisriM.TechAsst. Prof.
31Sk.N.Mb.SubhaniM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
32T.Subba ReddyM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
33E.Rama KrishnaMCA, M.Tech.Asst. Prof.
34P.SwathiM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
35P.JayasreeM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
36T.S.VenkateshM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
37SK. SubhaniM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
38Sk. Khaja Mohiddin BashaM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
39Sk. SikindarM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
40Ch.Lakshmi TulasiM.TechAsst. Prof.
41D.Subba RaoM.C.A., M.TechAsst. Prof.
42M.Seetha KalyaniM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
43S.Deva RajuM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
44G.Sunil kumarM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
45K.Koteswara RaoM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
46S. RamachandraM.TechAsst. Prof
47M.AparnaM.TechAsst. Prof.
48P. Lakshmi NarayanaM.TechAsst. Prof.
49S.Murali Krishnama chariM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
50V. VasanthaM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
51SK. Gousya PyariM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
52K. Pushpa VaniM.Tech.Asst. Prof.
53Sk. ReehanaM.TechAsst. Prof
54PavanaM.TechAsst. Prof