MCA Department Goals

Masters of Computer Application (MCA) is an interdisciplinary program for graduates who want to combine the study of computing and computers at an academic level, but who aren’t majoring in Computer Science.

The underlying goal of the MCA department is to enable students to understand how computing concepts and their applications are changing the world, and how they can apply those concepts and applications to their specialisations.

The following goals are what the department wants to reach by the end of each academic term:

  • To equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge in computing and mathematics
  • To become a global centre of excellence in computing education
  • To build a faculty team with industry-specific knowledge and academic exposure for nurturing competent professionals
  • To help graduates become leaders in computing technology across multidisciplinary verticals
  • To engage with industry, institutes, and government departments and collaborate in academics, R&D, and consultancy
  • To implement real-world projects through industry-relevant programming and internships
  • To develop product development facilities
  • To encourage graduates to become entrepreneurs in their specialisation using analytical, mathematical, and computing skills gained through the department