How NEC provides students with campus recruitment training

The academic circular may impart a student with all the knowledge and information on the subjects. However, for a student excel in the placement process is a whole different bowl game. And to address this problem NEC has stitched an extensive campus recruitment training for the students. Here, each and every student is trained on their strengths and weakness. Students are thought “how to deal with real-time problems”, access them and come up with optimal solutions.

Highlights of the training:

  • Mock sessions that focus on the industry relevant skill sets
  • Building common ground for the esteemed organizations of the corporate industry, and students
  • Organizing guest lectures by inviting industry experts to expose the students to the current industry trends
  • Communicating the industry requirements to all the departments of the institution
  • Faculty development programs
  • Orientation programs for students
  • Counselling and development centres
  • Entrepreneurship guidance programs
  • Placement seminars & talks
  • Model aptitude tests, mock interviews and career awareness sessions to prepare the final year students for the placement process
  • Personal guidance sessions for students contemplating on higher studies placement

Pre-Placement Talks

During Pre-placement sessions at NEC, co-operative activities are taken up, students and faculty members associated with the placement cell. Corporate Relation is taught to the students with utmost clarity, striving for best placements.


Project/Internship at NEC usually lasts for 2-3 months during the summer vacation for mostly 3 rd year students. During this period, students are trained by major corporates, where students carry out- research project in various field or take part in understanding the given step-up of the company. Thus, students get an outlook of the business and its function.

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