Embedded Systems Fundamentals

APSSDC conducted a workshop on “Embedded Systems Fundamentals” for third year ECE students from December 18,2017 to December 20,2017. Around 60 students attended the workshop. The schedule guide which was followed in the conference is:

ScheduleWorkshop Content
18th December 2017Introduction to Embedded Systems, Introduction to 8051 family, Introduction to Keil-IDE & Proteus 8, Embedded C Programming and LED Projects.
19th December 2017Arduino Programming, Introduction to Digital Pins & Inputs-LED Based Projects, Interfacing of switches with Arduino & LCD Based Projects, Motor Based Projects and Introduction to Analog Pins & Inputs.
20th December 2017Interfacing of Seven Segment Display with Arduino, Interfacing of sensors with Arduino-LDR, Humidity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, UltraSonic Sensor & Mini Projects.