Life as a student, especially the time one spends in college, is always full of excitement and challenges. Among other things, this also is the age for building careers and defining life ambitions. To teach students the swift management between the classes and leisure activities, it is important to inculcate a sense of discipline in them.

The noble profession of teaching demands this from the teachers to give their 100 per cent in bringing out the best in their students; teaching them disciple is just one among the many other steps that they need to take in this process.

If a student lacks discipline in life, then they may not be able to balance their professional and personal pursuits, which may ultimately lead to stress and anxiety. At NEC, we have a set of basic rules like time management, discipline, etc. that all the students are required to follow during their journey from freshman to senior year.

Classrooms Disciple

Classroom participation and regular attendance are keys to success at NEC. We organise group discussions and other interactive sessions for each and every class on regular basis, and all the students are required to participate in them. The students also are expected to prepare effective classroom lecture notes and submit assignments, projects, etc. on time.

Regular Studies

We encourage students to develop the habit of revising and practising the coursework being taught in the class. We suggest making a strict timetable for and follow it without fail, to ensure proper self-study time and timely completion of assignments. Once you discipline yourself in these areas, then success will definitely follow.

Use of College Resources

For our students, we have made available all the necessary resources that they need in their education, such as libraries, support centres, dance clubs, computer laboratories, etc. Now, using these resources for the academic benefits is one of the qualities of disciplined students. We expect and insist our students maintain the sanctity of these resources and utilise carefully for their academic purposes.


College life is the cornerstone of any student’s life, but only for those students’who know how to strike a balance between their personal and academic time. It is important for all the students to avoid some of the allures that can inhibit their academic success and personal well-being, such as cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, which are common temptations in college life. Bringing discipline in life will make you mentally strong so that you can beat these temptations. Use of drugs and alcohol in college premises is strictly prohibited.

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