Ms Suhasini Mittapalli always had the zeal and fervour towards education and supporting the success of students. To ensure this success, she is passionately working to provide the best instructional and extracurricular opportunities along with all the possible support. It has always been her first priority to provide each and every student of NEC with a well-rounded education through outstanding instruction from the finest faculty members and staff.

Her quest to provide students with a versatile personality, however, doesn’t stop there; she constantly works to develop character, cultivate passions, and give students an opportunity to explore the world beyond their classrooms.

Suhasini Mittapalli received her Master of Computer Applications degree from Osmania University, Hyderabad, and she has 11 years of work experience in Information Technology in the USA. During her professional journey in the US, she co-founded an IT Consulting firm called S&C Staffing Inc. She moved to India in 2011 along with her family and since then has been part of the NEC Group of Institutions.

Her areas of work are not limited to IT and education; she has a deep interest in social activities also. She has been actively participating in the social and developmental causes, such as creating awareness about waste segregation at homes and communities. She also offers voluntary services at various NGOs.

Her mission is to prepare a new generation of entrepreneurs and innovators who can take Andhra Pradesh and India to new heights on the global stage.