BS & H Faculty

1Dr.K.P.LakshmiM.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.Professor
2V.ArunaM.A.Assoc. Professor
3Z. Mohana RaoM.A.(Ph.D)Assoc. Professor
4G.Radha Krishna MurthyM.A., M.Phil.Assoc. Professor
5G.MahaLakshmiM.A.Asst. Prof.
6S.Ajay KumarM.A., M.Phil.,Asst. Prof.
7M.D.AbdullaM.A.Asst. Prof.
8Sk.SabiyaM.A., M.Phil.Asst. Prof.
9M.Lakshmi PrasannaM.A.Asst. Prof.
10V.Lakshmi NarayanaM.A.Asst. Prof.
11M.V.Pavan KumarM.A.Asst. Prof.
12Ch. KrishnaMA., MBAAssist. Prof.
13Dr.Sk.Mohiddin ShawM.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D.,Professor
14Dr.K.Pavan KumarM.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D.,Professor
15Dr.G.DharmaiahM.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.Professor
16Dr. K.Nageswara RaoM.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.Assoc. Professor
17E.Raghunandhana SaiM.Sc., M.Phil.,Assoc. Professor
18D.UmasankarM.Sc., M.Phil.,Assoc. Professor
19B.Naga LakshmiM.Sc., M.Phil.,Assoc. Professor
20M.PrasadM.ScAssoc. Professor
21A. AparnaM.Sc.Assoc. Professor
22J.RadhikaM.Sc.Assoc. Professor
23G.Pusha LathaM.Sc Asst. Prof
24M.YamunaM.Sc Asst. Prof
25M.Anil KumarM..Sc Asst. Prof
26Jakka RadhikaM..Sc Asst. Prof
27K.Uma RaniM..Sc Asst. Prof
28K.AnuradhaM..Sc Asst. Prof
29Y.N.Murali KrishnaM..Sc Asst. Prof
30Shaik SaidaM..Sc Asst. Prof
31P.Sambasiva RaoM..Sc Asst. Prof
32Dr.T.V.S.M.Mohan BabuM.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D.,Professor
33Dr.T.AnjaneyuluM.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D.,Professor
34Dr. K. NeerajaM.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D.,Professor
35Dr. K. Ephraim BabuM.Sc, M.Tech.,Ph.D.Professor
36N.Narasimha RaoM.Sc., M.Phil.Assoc. Professor
37N.Md.RafieM.ScAssoc. Professor
38G.S.JohnM.ScAsst. Prof.
39J.Pushpa LathaM.ScAsst. Prof.
40Sk.NoorbeeM.ScAsst. Prof.
41Khaja Masthan BashaM.ScAsst. Prof.
42Sk. BademiaM.ScAsst. Prof
43PullaiahM.ScAsst. Prof
44Dr. J. Srinivasa RaoM.Sc., Ph.D.Professor
45G.Mary JaneefaM.Sc.Asst. Prof.
46G.Naga RajuM.Sc.Asst. Prof.
47N.DineshM.ScAsst. Prof.
48Kaluri  SreenivasuluM.Sc., (Ph.D)Asst. Prof.
49K.SirishaM.Sc.Asst. Prof.
50B.Vishnu PriyaM.Sc.Asst. Prof.
51B.SanthiM.Sc.Asst. Prof.
52M.Bhanu SinghM.Sc.Asst. Prof.
53M.Rama MurthyM.ScAsst. Prof.
54P. Arun KumarM.ScAsst. Prof.
55Y. Paramesh BabuM.Com.Asst. Prof.
56E. Lakshmana KumarM.ScAsst. Prof.
Environmental Science
57K.SreenivasuluM.Sc.,  (Ph.D)Assoc. Professor
58Dharma TejaM.Tech.Asst. Prof
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