Best Projects developed at Robotics Lab


In the present scenario robots have become technological leaders. Although there is rapid development in the field of agricultural robotic technologies, but it has been limited in the fruit recognition and precision picking capabilities. In agriculture most of the manual work involves at the harvesting stage. While harvesting humans commit lot of mistakes like plucking over-ripen fruits and some unplucked fruits gets damaged by falling on ground which is a huge loss. To overcome these problems we are designing a robot which will effectively work on harvesting fruits. The main purpose of harvesting robot is to pluck the fruits from the trees without damaging the fruit, and to reduce the burden of human and to speed up the process. Color detection sensor and a robotic arm with gripper-cum-cutter are used to detect and pluck fruits from the tree. We implemented harvesting robot prototype which can automatically pluck the fruit from the tree without intervention of human. This robot is applicable in harvesting fruits or vegetables.


The project Autonomous path cleaner & automatic battery recharge performs two tasks. The robot cleans the path and automatically charges its battery by solar power. In fact, home solar power systems often use lead acid batteries to store power for use at night or on overcast days. The robot consist a water tank and side spinning brush to clean the path.


These days, mass-produced vehicles benefit from research on Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). One prime example of ITS is vehicle Cruise Control (CC), which allows it to maintain a pre-defined reference speed, to economize on fuel or energy consumption, to avoid speeding fines, or to focus all the driver’s attention on the steering of the vehicle. However, achieving efficient Cruise Control is not easy in roads or urban streets where sudden changes of the speed limit can happen, due to the presence of unexpected obstacles or maintenance work, causing, in inattentive drivers, traffic accidents. In this communication we present a new Infrastructure to Vehicles communication and control system for intelligent speed control, which is based upon Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for identification of traffic signals on the road, and high accuracy vehicle speed measurement with a Hall effect-based sensor. The performance of the system is checked empirically, with promising results.


The design analysis of an Android Controlled “Pick and Place” Robotic vehicle has been presented in this project. It can be able to handle some specific tasks, like sending the robotic vehicle to hazardous environment to obtain samples for chemical analysis. It is a microcontroller based control system which works in alliance with Android Application. It can be accessed by android application and can control the movement of vehicle as well as its robotic arms. This system comprises of a Bluetooth module which work as the receiver for vehicle.  This sends commands to the microcontroller which execute according to the signals received by Bluetooth. In this work, the design of a robot is presented which will move around in all directions and is equipped with a gripper for pick and place operation. These operations will be controlled by a user friendly interface present on operator’s mobile phone. This project can be employed in chemical industry for handling of chemical materials of hazardous nature, or for movement of heavy objects in any industry.


Our project is a user friendly grass Cutter robot capable of Maintaining equal grass level in lawn, intelligent path planning, Obstacle avoiding and distinguishing between grass and non grass. The grass cutter is a machine utilizing one or more revolving blades to cut a grass surface to an even height. They can cut the grass, can avoid obstacles and can also analyze the grass without direct human intervention. A robotic grass cutter is designed to operate entirely on its own.